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COVID-19 Special Edition Salesian Bulletin



The combined Winter and Spring edition is a COVID-19 special edition - reflecting on what we can learn, and what we should aim for as we return to "normal".

COVID-19 Special Edition
Autumn 2020 Salesian Bulletin Cover



The Autumn edition reflects on a harsh reality of the Australian summer; devastating bushfires. It also features a wrap-up of the Youth Ministry projects around the province of the summer, includes an interview with Fr. Chadi Ibrahim and the launch of a new segment - the Green Pages.

Autumn 2020 Edition
Summer 2019 Salesian Bulletin



The Summer edition celebrates Christmas as a time that allows us to reset and refill ourselves with Hope, Joy and Love. This edition also introduces the strenna for 2020; Good Christians and Honest Citizens, with a feature article about Steph, a young person living out her vocation. Regular columns are included, reports from around the province and the FMAs are incorporated into what is overall, a very merry edition!

Summer 2019 Edition
Spring 2019 Salesian Bulletin



The Spring edition explores how it is in the everyday that we can find the building blocks for Christian holiness. Salesian Family Dinner, Cagliero Immersion trip, camps and trivia nights – a lot has happened in the past few months so there is plenty of news to read about, as well as some poignant reflections from regular columnists asking and answering big questions!

Spring 2019 Edition
Winter 2019 Salesian Bulletin



The 2019 Winter edition of the bulletin attempts to reconcile the violence found in the world today with the message of the gopsel. Alongside it's regular columns, it also features a reflection on what it means to be unemployed by Teaghan Dolan, a celebration of the 80th annivesary of the Dunlea Centre and reports from OzBosco and Sr. Runita's visit to the province.

Winter 2019 Edition

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