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The Spring edition extols the virtue of living for others - for when we do this, we inspire others to follow suit, making the world a better place! Highlights include a story about Don Bosco's affinity for nature by Fr Hugh McGlinchey, an excerpt from the Australian Catholic Bishop Council's 2021 social justice statement and a toucing tale from Fr. Frank Freeman on a recent experience he had whilst on retreat by the Murray River.

Spring 2021 Edition
Winter 2021 Salesian Bulletin



The Winter edition of the Australian Salesian Bulletin focuses on goodness, and the power one individual has to create a long-lasting ripple effect that dramatically effects the lives of others for the better! Alongside its regular columns it also features an extra-ordinary appeal for aid from the Missions Office Devolpment Aid Fund, the inspiring story of how Sr Iutita became known as "Sister Nurse", a poignant refelction on the place the Church finds itself in the modern world by Fr Frank Freeman and a timely reminder of the urgency of Laudato Si by Fr Andrew Hamilton

Winter 2021 Edition
Summer 2021 Salesian Bulletin



The Autumn edition of the Australian Salesian Bulletin acknowledges that the world seems to be darkend by the effects of the pandemic, conflict and other sufferings, yet it chooses to instead focus on stories of hope and growth, showing that there is still a lot of positivity in the world. A call for peace by cardinal Charles Maung Bo, a tale by Jean Giorno on patience and determination are featured, while regular columns are included, such as the green pages and news from around the Australia-Pacific province.

Autumn 2021 Edition
COVID-19 Special Edition Salesian Bulletin



The combined Winter and Spring edition is a COVID-19 special edition - reflecting on what we can learn, and what we should aim for as we return to "normal".

COVID-19 Special Edition

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