Ecuador Earthquake

Ecuador Earthquake Victims

Ecuador Earthquake

Ecuador Earthquake

Ecuador Earthquake

Ecuador Earthquake

April 27, 2016

Dear Friend,

On April 16th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook coastal Ecuador, ravaging the country’s already fragile infrastructure. Across the nation, the powerful quake and hundreds of associated aftershocks flattened homes, collapsed roads and bridges, took out electricity and communications and triggered mudslides that have stranded some of the most vulnerable victims from assistance.

More than 400 are confirmed dead. An additional 2,500 are injured; many remain missing, most likely trapped beneath the rubble. Sadly, as rescue efforts continue the death toll will rise.

Survivors are traumatized by their experience; they sleep on the streets as they are terrified to go indoors and pray that the aftershocks will subside. Desperate with grief, they hope their missing loved ones will be found alive. They have lost almost everything. They desperately need help.

The Salesian school, residence and retreat house in Manta has been destroyed. However, the immediate concern is to provide basic humanitarian aid to as many people as possible. Father Luis Mosquera, Rector, said “We urgently needy food, medicines and first-aid supplies as well as clean water and warm blankets; the people are in great despair; their pain is magnified by the loss of loved ones”.

The kindness and support of people abroad strengthens and encourages the local people in the face of adversity. It helps to restore a sense of optimism in families as they recover from heartbreaking losses.

Every donation will make a real difference. Our deepest gratitude for your prayers and support.

Yours sincerely,

Br Michael Lynch


The ASMOAF Office is located at:
Salesian Province Centre
3 Middle Street
P O Box 264