• Who are the Salesians of Don Bosco? +

    We, the Salesians of Don Bosco, are an international organisation of Catholic priests and brothers dedicated to the service of the young, especially the disadvantaged and marginalised.
  • What is the meaning of SDB? +

    ‘SDB’ is the acronym for ‘Salesians of Don Bosco’.
  • Where does the name ‘Salesians of Don Bosco’ come from? +

    St. John Bosco, an Italian Saint of the nineteenth century, was called ‘Don’ Bosco by his boys because ‘Don’ in Italian means ‘Father’. Today he continues to be fondly remembered by the same name. He founded an organisation that would take care of poor youth. He called his followers ‘Salesians’, a name he took from St. Francis de Sales, a popular Saint of his native place in northern Italy. He chose St. Francis de Sales as the patron of his society and encouraged his followers to imitate the Saint’s gentle humanism.
  • Who was Don Bosco? +

    Don Bosco was a charismatic Italian priest who lived and worked in the Italian city of Turin. His life’s work was the care of young people, especially the ‘poor and abandoned’. He approached his work in a unique and original manner, which he called the ‘Preventive System’. He founded the Salesians to continue his spirit and mission. He was proclaimed a Saint of the Catholic Church in 1934. More information about the life, work and spirit of St John Bosco can be found on this website.
  • What does it mean to be a ‘Salesian of Don Bosco? +

    To be a ‘Salesian of Don Bosco’ means to belong to a Catholic organisation of men who dedicate their entire lives to God through generous service to young people, especially those who are poorer and disadvantaged. This way of life entails professing the three vows, living in communities, educating and evangelising young people after the example of Don Bosco.
  • Where are the SDBs in the world and how many are they? +

    The Salesians of Don Bosco are scattered in 129 countries across the globe. They number approximately 16,234. They serve young people in more than 2000 institutions.
  • How many Salesians are there in Australia? +

    In the Province of Mary Help of Christians, which encompasses Australia, Samoa, New Zealand and Fiji, there are 107 Salesian priests and brothers undertaking more than 60 different types of activities in 17 different centres.
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